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Anti-beck, Dobbs Efforts Dropped by Church Coalition

Links to campaigns supporting the removal of both men from their respective television shows have been dropped by So We Might See, the increasingly controversial interfaith religious group funded in part by the George Soros-backed Media Democracy Fund. One of those campaigns (targeting Beck) was led by Color of Change, the group co-founded by now-resigned Obama White House aide Van Jones.
More news.
The petition to the FCC citing Rush Limbaugh for hate speech has lost yet another supposed religious sponsor from So We Might See following the revelations here in this space, making this the third church in a row to reject the petition in as many weeks.
And still more news.
It turns out two of the funders for the Media Democracy Fund campaign targeting Fox News and talk radio personalities are -- wait for it -- ACORN money pots.
And yes, more news still.
The Catholic Bishops are unhappy.
The Methodists are out.
The Disciples of Christ just said no.
The United Church of Christ is furious.
And the National Hispanic Media Conference, which was the vehicle used to launch this effort to silence talk radio stars and Fox News personalities in the name of hate speech, is, surprise, surprise -- now revealed to be fueled by money from the same George Soros-connected Media Democracy Fund that is funding the United Church of Christ's Office of Communications, Inc.. Which in turn is using its Soros-tainted money to back the Soros-connected NMHC FCC petition drive.
Did I mention ACORN?

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