The Apostle Paul's Letter to Believers Living in Philippi Macedonia1st Century AD

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Phil000 Philipppians
Phil001 Philipppians
all n/a Slideshow PDF  
Phil002 Philipppians
Greeting to Phlippian Believers
1:1-2 n/a Slideshow PDF  
Phil003 Philipppians
Thanks for Philippian Koinonia
1:3-5 Listen!! Slideshow PDF  
Phil004 Philipppians
Fully Persauded of God's Work
1:6-8 Listen!! Slideshow PDF  
Phil005 Philipppians
The Love that Grows in Truth
1:9-11 Listen!! Slideshow PDF  
Phil006 Philipppians
Right Mental Attitude Shines JC
1:12-14 Listen!! Slideshow PDF  
Phil007 Philipppians
Proclaiming the Good News
1:15-18 Listen!! Slideshow PDF  
Disp001 Dispensations
Overview of Dispensations
Bible Listen!! Slideshow PDF  
Phil008 Philippians
Paul's Ambition
1:19-20 Listen!! Slideshow PDF  
Phil009 Philippians Christ Be Glorified 1.21-24 Listen! Slideshow PDF  
Phil010 Philippians Heavenly Citizenship 1.25-26 n/a Slideshow PDF  
Phil011 Philippians Mentality Not Performance 1.27a n/a Slideshow PDF  
Phil012 Philippians Appeal to Gospel Mentality 1.27b-30 Listen! Slideshow PDF  
Phil013 Philippians Unity Thru Humility 2.1-4 Listen! Slideshow PDF  
Phil014 Philippians The Example of JC 2:5-8 Listen! Slideshow PDF Thumbnails
Phil015 Philippians Down is Up 2:9-13 Listen! Slideshow PDF Thumbnails
Phil016 Philippians Title 2.13-16 Listen! SlideShow PDF Flash
Phil017 Philippians Title 2.17-19 Listen! SlideShow PDF Flash
Phil018 Philippians Title   Listen! SlideShow PDF  
Phil019 Philippians Title 2:25-30 Listen! SlideShow PDF  
Phil020 Philippians Title 3.1-4a n/a SlideShow PDF  
Phil021 Philippians Title 3.4b-6 Listen! SlideShow PDF  
Phil022 Philippians Title 3.8-11 n/a SlideShow PDF  
Phil023 Philippians Title 3.10-12 n/a SlideShow PDF  
Phil024 Philippians Title 3.12-14 n/a SlideShow PDF  

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M.V.Matousek, Pastor-Teacher